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Miggs Burroughs

​"What if?" is a 5”x 7”paperback with 194 pages of tweet-length questions about life’s choices, paired with some
old-fashioned engravings.

Miggs Burroughs
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Super talents Wahlberg and Dnash have written a song, inspired by the "What if" book, and they perform it in this video which I produced for them.


I suggest enlarging it full screen to enjoy the full impact of this great song.

Miggs is creative.
When he attacks a problem,
he does so with intelligence,
insight and humor.

– Martha Stewart

The e-book is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch & Kindle. Please click on button above.

Great...Great work. 
Amazing reading!

“What if” opens such important doors. The writing is beautiful.
It makes you want to keep
re-reading... and thinking deeply.
A very good thing.
– Al DiGuido, Al's Angels

Order autographed copy directly
from the author. $12 Includes
Shipping in the U.S

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